FI’s Team of Work

Fasael Land Real Estate Development, (FLRD)

FLRD receives concepts developed by FI for financial returns and engineers them into reality. In part, FLRD’s mission involves assessing and developing the requisite capacities, for example in the fields of project planning, architecture and construction, to accomplish each distinct real estate development project, whether funded by FI or by a financial consortium with which FI partners.

Consulting Engineering Group, (CEG)

Founded in 1964 and materially expanded in 1970, CEG offers a full range of architectural and engineering professional services to GCC and international markets in the government and private sectors.

CEG’s main office is in Riyadh with field offices around KSA and GCC which cover the main geographical zones. We feature international liaison offices in Omaha, Nebraska (USA), in Paris and Cairo.

On a permanent basis, CEG employs in excess of 300 professional and technical staff, as well as an additional 50 supporting staff. Routinely, we expand construction capacity as needed to build each distinct client’s project.
Agency Albert Haddad Architecture & Urbanism, (AHAU)

AHAU is an agency of architecture and town planning created in Paris in 2000. Offering innovative and intelligent solutions, AHAU imagines projects designed for humans in harmony with nature and our surroundings. We have a strategic central location in Paris (comprised of 150 persons), and feature GCC offices in Riyadh, Dubai and Abuja.
AHAU offers innovative services at the crossroads of architecture, urbanism and new technologies, including “green ones” tailored to global climate change concerns. AHAU is proud to be the European leader in the design of smart and connected cities

FI’s Team of Work has is a multi-disciplinary team providing Consultancy for both Architectural & Engineering Services for more than 50 years covering full range of Architectural/Engineering services including, and not limited to:


We offer exceptional capabilities in the fields of Architecture, Planning, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Transportation and Traffic design, Water and Waste Water studies and design.