About Us

Fasael Investment (FI), formerly known as Global House Group (Bahrain), is a research-driven investment banking firm global in scope and client-centered in mission.
FI has recruited a world-class team of professional strategic thinkers adept in the field of identifying voids, crafting financial solutions and then nurturing the concepts into profitable investments. FI provides cutting-edge, value-added consultancy services which cover a broad spectrum of finance and business management domains. FI is self-reliant on peerless performance which provides investment research services to serve clients’ needs. We are intellectual thinkers with a positive reputation who honor loyalty, seek perfection, and have a proven history of successful projects. FI assigns every project to a partner, which engenders a high degree of trust by enhancing transparency, insures a world-class level of service to our clients, and provides a single point of contact to assure that you receive the very best personalized guidance and expertise. FI is proud of our Middle East-centered approach to business development, which provides business leadership promoting proud national and cultural imperatives, as well as materially improving the lives of families in the GCC. Our team of professionals constantly seeks to increase profitability margins and to proactively enhance scheduled returns on investment. Our investment banking advisory is a premium, private, and for-profit service.

FI is comprised of experienced investment bankers with real-world entrepreneurial accomplishments. We understand your business challenges because we have created, funded and grown our own businesses. As noted, our business model is tailored to effectively serve entrepreneurial companies in the Middle East. We offer a unique combination of management consulting and corporate finance transactional experience honed over the past half century, which has successfully dealt with interests from the Middle East, from the West and from the East.